“Another smooth transition for a monkey puzzler!!! Ella and Amelie also just walked in, got down to business and waved their parents out of the room. Danny and Talia have been great too. Congratulations on doing such a stellar job in getting them ready for school.” Kate B

“Every time I see Jenny she is smiling and positive. She’s amazing with the kids. And so helpful with the parents. What an asset to the nursery.” Sylvia Harriman

“We are excited about school but really sad about moving on. Our experience at monkey puzzle has been great. Bring the kleenex on Friday. Lots!” Dr Karen Edge (PhD, OISE/UT)

“We have sent both our children to Monkey Puzzle at East Finchley, our eldest when the nursery first opened. The staff have been like a second family for our children and have taken loving care of both of them. We could not be happier with the nursery and the staff.  We think you are great and so do Alec and Annie, even if they do not quite know how to express it to you.” Colin Y

“My son’s key worker, Jasna has devoted much time and effort to my son’s speech development and this has helped his speech improve considerably in recent months. She looked up and then asked the Nursery to purchase an excellent learning resource to support this work. This helped me feel less alone with this issue and I am grateful for Jasna’s input.” Louise C

“You are amazing! As a working mum….especially a working mum in education…I get asked ALL the time about Isaac’s education. It does make me proud to say he goes to MP! When I am asked why, it is clear: a kind and caring staff; great activities (or actimities according to isaac); constant improvement of what you do; and, being able to talk to staff about questions, concerns or ideas. MP is all that and more.

I know how hard you are all working for our kids! And we notice how much the weekly offer has moved on…and on…and on! From dino labs to cooking sushi, it‎ is not lost on us how much of a great environment it is for the kids.

I appreciated the time you took this am to talk about and with Isaac about his feelings and to explain more about the transitions in the room with new kids entering and development at 4+. It makes me feel incredibly comfortable knowing he is in your care when I am away and at work. Without that degree of confidence, I could not do my job.

So, thanks! The time and energy you put into taking care of Isaac and our family (and everyone else’s) is much appreciated!!” Karen‎ and Arul (and Isaac)

“Thank you for today (preschool trip) It was perfect! Everyone had a great time. We felt cared for and part of a strong and amazing community.” Ariella

“Thanks for creating such an amazing space for our kids. It makes me sad just thinking about leaving!” Michelle P

“At the beach in Norfolk. Its sunny, a bit warm and we are building sandcastles on an empty beach!‎ He is taking pictures ‘to print, make a book to take to monkey puzzle!’ you can take the boy out of the puzzle but not the puzzle out of the boy 🙂 ” Rebecca M

“I love the lay out and environment in the Pre-school rooms. The practitioners have made great use of the corridors and provided ‘tinker tables’ for children to explore. Other children were exploring the role play in the library room and listening to stories on the carpet in the main room.” Maggie Hill, Barnet Pre-school Learning Alliance’ 

“I have 2 children at Monkey Puzzle, one in pre-school the other in toddlers. Both started at 13 months so we have experience of all the rooms.

The staff are lovely, they support and comfort the children while encouraging them to explore and enjoy the toys and activities on offer. My eldest was shy to start with, she is now much more confident and I’ve even arrived to pick her up and found her singing a song in front of the other children and staff at circle time. My youngest has some hearing and speech issues and the staff have been great with her. The toddler room leader asked for copies of handouts from our speech therapist and all the staff in the room give me regular feedback on her development at pick up. She loves the toddler room and often doesn’t want to leave, she’s too busy playing.

The room set up is great, in addition to the baby, toddler and 2 pre-school rooms, there is a separate sleep room for babies, an activity room, a garden and a library. My youngest loves the activity room, which is a soft play area  with a slide. Many nurseries seem to impose a sleep routine on the children, here there is space for children to sleep when they need to.  The nursery is also flexible on the number of sessions and offers full days or half day sessions.  

Its great having both my children at the same setting, although they are in different rooms, they see each other in the garden and sometimes my youngest visits her sister in pre-school. They really enjoy spending time together.” Sam

“Amazing inclusive practise as always!” Emma Ackerman (Barnet Area SENCO)

“We know Ivy loves being at the nursery and the baby room she always comes home happy.” Scott M

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Poppy’s development since starting at Monkey Puzzle.  She is delightfully happy and clearly looks forward to her time there.  The team are fantastic, thanks for all your hard work and for giving my daughter such an amazing environment to flourish in.” Sarah Murphy

“Our daughter has been in monkey puzzle two and a half years now, she always felt welcome and protected, key workers from different groups that were not even attending to her always know her name and give her cuddles when they see her. The staff is always helpful and always listens to us. Everyday she comes home with a new song or word or game that she learned at monkey puzzle. Thank you!” 

“Monkey Puzzle was a huge part of our life in East Finchley. Freya was nurtured brilliantly in her time there and enjoyed the many activities on offer in addition to the excellent day-to-day provision. We always felt involved with what was going on in nursery, and that staff were in tune with Freya’s interests and anxieties – and we were encouraged to share these with staff.

We miss Monkey Puzzle but also feel that Freya’s experience there, and the bonds she built with Louise, Aga, Yali, Sally and Jenny, have helped her to make the transition to her new nursery (we have moved out of London) and enjoy her experience there too.” Shoaban Nair

“Just wanted to say thank you to all staff involved in organising and hosting the pre-school graduation party. It was a lovely afternoon and Scarlett had a great time.

Big thanks in particular to Jenny, her speech was lovely and very moving. Its great to see how much the staff care for the children.

Cheers.” Sam and Adrian

“Thanks for everything over the past few years. Monkey puzzle has been a key part of Anna’s early years development and a place she’s always been happy to go to which makes going to work that much easier! I know she will miss so many of the staff as well as her little friends- and the morning drop off of random “treasures” to your office!” Emma and Sergio